Automation Investment Trends in Discrete Manufacturing | Schneider Electric Calls for Universal Automation

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I’m David Greenfield, the Director of Content for Automation World. And in this episode, I want to highlight two recent developments in the world of industrial automation that you should be aware of. The first of these involves insight into where spending is being focused on automation technologies across the discrete manufacturing industries. Having insights into this kind of information, not only helps highlight where the industry at large is focusing, but it also helps direct new technology assessments of your own operations to better understand where you stand in respect to your peers. Now, as part of a study that Automation World recently conducted on automation technology spending, we surveyed technology suppliers to get insights into where they saw technology investments being made and plan for in 2020. Which as we all know was a year that really shook up industry due to the impact of COVID-19 on everything from greater levels of remote work, social distancing requirements in factories, and the increased use of remote access technologies.

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